TechBash: New Website, New Features

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As the TechBash team prepares for the next big event (Nov 12-15, 2019), we've put together a new website. We hope the new site makes it easy for you to find all the info you need about TechBash.

We've tweaked our styles and colors and tried to make it easier on the eyes. We've also got a news section now, so we will be able to post content there regularly. We look forward to keeping everyone up to date on all the happenings for TechBash.

Speakers who submit talks for TechBash will notice that we have switched over to use a 3rd party service to manage all of that - They seem to do a pretty good job with submissions, ranking, and schedule building. If you aren't familiar, we suggest you check it out.

And if you are interested to know, we built this site with a framework called cloudscribe. The framework provides some great features out of the box so we didn't need to write the admin sections, authentication, logging, etc. And it includes a blogging tool that we use for news, plus a small and simple content management system (CMS) that allows us to edit content live on the site without needing to update source code, commit, build and deploy. So that's nice.

Even after we go live, we hope to keep adding features and sections to the site to make it easier for you to learn about TechBash.