Who Needs Visual Studio? A look at .NET Core on Linux

Wed 11:10 AM - Rosewood Room

.NET Core promises to remove the shackles from Windows and Visual Studio. What does the development process look like and can you really use a Linux desktop as your daily development driver? Can you really go to production on Linux with your applications?

This talk explores .NET Core and ASP.NET Core from a different angle. What if we start in Linux and stay in Linux? It will explore the daily development life when you are going to be completely outside Visual Studio. This means getting to know the dotnet command line interface a little better. Then we'll explore how you can deploy your applications on Linux, including containers and deployment to the cloud.

This session is perfect for .NET veterans who are brand new to .NET Core and want to see what the brave new world looks and feels like. It’s okay if you’re unfamiliar with Linux, but are interested in having options available to you. And if you're curious what it's like to work in other tools such as Visual Studio Code and Rider, this session is for you.