User Validation in Agile Delivery Process – The Key To Creating Customer Value #PuttingTheUserFirst

Thu 10:45 AM - HomeNet - Sagewood Room

In the quest for business and enterprise agility, many organizations progressively started adapting agile practices over the past decade for software development and delivery. However the push to increase the speed of delivery and do better with less, more often result in being not customer centric and not creating the intended value to customers. If you ever wondered how this can be prevented and wanted to introspect and brainstorm, then this might just be the session for you.

In this session, Gajan discusses the transition an organization needs to make the user satisfaction the highest priority and highlights some infamous business blunders due to poor user experiences. He focuses on increasing customer collaboration throughout the product development lifecycle, which is the first and foremost principle of the agile manifesto, by using efficient user validation feedback mechanism. Gajan also dives into a case study of implementing user validation as an agile development practice in a large FinTech organization. He then briefly explores some tools and templates that can be used to implement user validation as part of the software delivery pipeline.

Join Gajan to discuss the need for user validation in an agile environment and take away how to implement user validation based on his experience rolling it out in an organization with 100+ cross-functional, delivery teams.