To the cloud! From on-prem to multi-tenancy

Fri 10:15 AM - Progress - Salons D/E

Forrester Research predicted a sixfold increase in the cloud computing market by 2020. With all its promises and possibilities even the smallest of systems is tempted to make the move to the cloud from on-prem. While there are plenty of numbers and predictions, the stories are often left untold as some companies struggle growing up and becoming high cloud maturity companies. In this session one of these stories will be shared,- a small Swedish startup moving from an on-prem single tenant SOA system to an Azure Cloud multi-tenant solution. A small team, many firsts, a limited budget, promises made and contracts signed, I’ll walk you through the (work in progress) architecture and how we got there. The discussions, solutions, limitations and possibilities we encountered, put in the perspective of the cloud maturity research done by the Economist Intelligence unit last year. A tiny star on a big horizon, to the cloud!