Robot Royal Rumble

Thu 10:15 AM - HomeNet - Sagewood Room

As IOT devices take over the world, developers are empowered to create experiences that intrigue, surprise, and delight in ways only imagined in sci-fi. Yet, despite the infinite possibilities that spring from their imaginations, many developers are thwarted by the first step: how does one get started? A cursory glance seems to point to a default answer of C. C# is picking up steam as Microsoft throws money behind it, while there is a rapidly expanding community around Node. On the outskirts, there is an upstart challenger named Go backed by the behemoth that is Google. How to choose?

As in the days of yore, this talk suggests a tournament of champions to determine a winner - pitting these languages in a battle royal. By crafting a program to control a friendly battle bot in each language, we will examine the tale of the tape - discussing the ecosystem, tools, strengths and weaknesses each combatant brings to the ring. So join the fray, cheer on a favorite, and see who walks out on top.