Infusing Continuous Quality In Delivery Pipeline: A Journey from Dev-Ops to Dev-Test-Ops #FromGoodToGreat

Wed 5:00 PM - HomeNet - Sagewood Room

In today’s dynamic business environment and competitive global ecosystem, organizations strive to speed time-to-market and increase organizational effectiveness by doing better with less. As companies realize the need for rapid application development, they resort to DevOps methodologies that are progressively becoming the de facto standards for software development/delivery. Embracing DevOps practices without establishing a culture of quality, however, often results in a struggle to ship high-quality software out to market. This, in turn, results in poor customer experience and consequently loss in business.

Gajan discusses how to ensure quality driven development through DevOps while maintaining delivery speed. Primarily, he focuses on the shift an organization needs to make in culture, process, and technology/tools to frequently ship high-quality software, the importance of efficient testing feedback mechanism and some infamous fallouts, if quality is overlooked. Gajan also dives into a roadmap to build quality into the fabrics of DevOps and fostering quality driven mindset across an organization. He then briefly explores a spectrum of tools such as Docker, Bamboo, Selenium, AppDynamics etc. that can be used to infuse continuous quality throughout the software delivery pipeline.

Join Gajan to discuss the need for quality-centric DevOps ecosystem and take away how to optimize the value stream and ensure continuous quality while implementing DevOps.