Exploring Actor Models and Self-Healing Distributed systems for Micro-service Architectures with Azure Service Fabric

Wed 11:15 AM - Quicken Loans - Rosewood Room

As more and more data and systems grow larger and more complex, designing massively-concurrent systems becomes both more and more challenging and more and more common a problem facing developers. In this talk, we'll explore Azure Service Fabric -- the same platform Microsoft uses to run services like Skype for Business, Intune, Azure Event Hubs, Azure Data Factory, Azure DocumentDB, Azure SQL Database, and Cortana -- now also available to the broader development community to power your own solutions both on-premises and with any cloud provider you prefer (Azure, AWS, or otherwise).

Along the way we'll explore both micro-services architectures and Actor programming models, and discover how they can greatly simplify both the development of massively-parallel systems and our ability to reason about them as developers. We'll also understand how Azure Service Fabric (and other micro-services-inspired frameworks) might still have a role to play in your solutions even if you're not actively building the next multi-petabyte parallel processing system in your basement.