Dev Oops! Common mistakes implementing DevOps and how to avoid them

Wed 3:30 PM - Rosewood Room

If you ask for a definition of DevOps, you are likely to get many different answers. Is DevOps someone's job title? Is it just Developers and Operations team sitting together? Is it automation? Is it yet another buzzword? In this session, we'll get a common understanding of DevOps and cover common mistakes that teams run into as they implement DevOps in their organization.
DevOps encompasses a broad range of mindsets, practices, and tools that build upon organizational agility to take software delivery to the next level of maturity. Applied correctly, these are truly transformative: they accelerate and amplify feedback loops, shorten cycle times, optimize resources, enable quality and consistency, and foster collaboration and creativity throughout your organization.
Some of the challenges that DevOps aims to fix include:
• Limited human and/or technical resources for testing
• Manual, ad-hoc, or inconsistent deployments
• Resolving production issues may be slow and/or highly disruptive
• Deployments are large and take a substantial periods of time to deliver
• High infrastructure costs and/or budget constraints
• Challenges in testing
• Lack of collaboration between organizations such as business, IT, and Development

You will learn about DevOps concepts and the path that an organization should take to implement DevOps practices. We will cover the ways that a company can start transforming their culture and defining the processes that enable DevOps. This session will teach you about the tools that you can use to get started on your DevOps path, including Visual Studio, Team Services, and cloud computing with Azure.