Continuous deployment from scratch with VSTS and Octopus Deploy

Wed 3:30 PM - Octopus Deploy - Ironwood Room

Visual Studio Team Services and Octopus Deploy are incredible tools that work beautifully together. And they're so simple to set up, we can do it in a single presentation! If deploying your app is harder than making a cup of coffee, this is a session you can't miss.

Starting from scratch with a new Team Services Project and fresh machines, we'll work our way towards a complete deployment automation pipeline for an example application. I'll start from File New Project in Visual Studio, commit code to a new git repository in Team Services, and configure a continuous build. For deployment I'll install and configure the Octopus components, define environments, set up projects, and add deployment steps. By the end of the session, I'll be deploying our app with a complete, working, continuous delivery pipeline.

Despite being demo-centric, this session won't just be about the how. As we progress there'll be explanations of how and why Team Services and Octopus work the way they do, and we'll discuss some of the DevOps best practices that drive the products. Whatever your level of exposure to these tools, this session has something for you.