Building an Azure IoT Controlled Device in Less Than 60 Minutes That Costs Less Than 10 USD

Thu 3:30 PM - Octopus Deploy - Ironwood Room

Azure IoT Client SDK can be used to connect many different types of devices. At the lowest end, you can use it to connect a less than 3$ WiFi capable system on a chip microcontroller, such as the NodeMcu and WeMOS D1.
In this lecture we will see how to build a WiFI capable, Arduino based, cloud controlled IoT smart switch. We will then use a cross platform Xamarin based application to activate the smart switch. Using this application installed on a mobile phone we will open a car gate on stage as well as 7500 Miles (12,000 KM) away.
You will learn:
• An Internet of Thing system overview
• How to create and use the Azure IoT Hub
• Implementing an Azure IoT client SDK based solution
• Provisioning IoT devices, sending information to the cloud and receiving commands
• Arduino development using Visual Studio with Visual Micro