To The Cloud!  How We Moved our SaaS to Azure (and it made us better!)

Fri 9:30 AM - HomeNet - Sagewood Room

Two years ago we had to make a decision whether to double down with new hardware in our Colo or go another way to grow our SaaS.  We moved into Azure and haven't looked back.

In this talk we'll walk through the challenges we've faced moving from our own hardware to Azure including:
* Taking advantage of auto-scaling to reduce costs.
* Growing 100x without controlling the hardware.
* When it all goes wrong and Azure falls over.
* How Azure has improved the performance of our on-premises installs too

Far from a theoretical conversation about how you could use the cloud, we'll share real data from our production implementation, both the good and the bad.  Finally, we'll talk about where we're going with what we've learned.